Children Are the Future and We’re Cool with That

The internet is an awesome place where you can stumble across some really fun articles – like the 10 Times Kids Were Way, Way Better Designers Than Adults.

Remember when we were kids and we learned how to fold paper airplanes and make forts out of boxes?

Yeah, kids these days are at a whole ‘nother level with their access to technology, internet, and new school curriculums.

Seriously – a family scooter and a Pringles hook? Genius.

As adults, and creative professionals, we try our best to keep our creativity flourishing so that we can provide interesting, custom digital marketing solutions to our clients. However, along the way, it can be difficult to hold onto the playfulness and oddly satisfying creativity of childhood.

Why shouldn’t a lamp have blinds to dim light? Our window shades do.

Sometimes the notions we had as children were not so great, and it’s better we never pursued them. Some ideas were really bright ideas. Personally, we’re pretty happy that chalkboard wall paint now exists so that we can keep drawing on walls like we did as kids.

The point is that we shouldn’t always scoff at those silly creations of kids – let’s encourage them because sometimes those idea will lead to great things. Even if they don’t, we’ll have a whole generation of crazy creative young adults with amazing ideas who aren’t afraid to propose something new and see where it leads.

That is definitely a notion to take with us going forward while we create social media campaigns, design websites and apps, and pitch branding to clients.

There’s no use sticking to what we know just because we know it works – nothing will ever change that way; and worse case, we’ll be left behind.

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