Can You Tell a Good Story?

You’re at a dinner party and the host suddenly draws attention to you, mentioning some event that recently happened to you. You are now the center of attention – all eyes on you. Can you do the story justice?

Telling a good story involves many factors. Some people just have “it”. They have the timing, the charisma, the practice. However, there are certain fine points that, if followed, can result in a hushed room and sudden gasps as you reveal the twist – it was the butler all along, with a pipe in the library! Or something less expected.

Andrew Stanton, who is the Pixar writer and director behind Toy Story and WALL-E, shared his story-telling expertise in a TED Talk, The Clues to a Great Story.

According to Stanton, telling a good story isn’t only about natural ability, it’s about intention.

Stanton’s Clues to a good story include:

Diagram of Stanton's clue of telling a good story
From TED Talks and Andrew Stanton


  1. Make me care.
  2. Take me with you.
  3. Be intentional.
  4. Let me like you.
  5. Delight me.

A good story can change the way everyone at the party sees you. You can go from being outsider, or plus one, to a rock star.

Telling a good story is kind of like running a good social media campaign, really.


  1. Make them care by isolating your brand’s uniqueness.
  2. Take them with you by providing the promise of content or a service that interests them.
  3. Be intentional with your branding and voice.
  4. Let them like you by showing your company’s personality.
  5. Delight them by being creative and showing your audience something they’ve never seen before.


So, now that we’ve gone through the steps, the question still begs: Can you tell a good story?

Taking the time to construct a good story, just like a good social media content, is worth it. Just watch as the results flood in, no one will want you to leave that party.



Can you relate any other aspects of telling a good story to good digital marketing strategy? Comment below!

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