Are You Having Issues Communicating Over Social Media?

Do you want to connect with many people on Social Media but just don’t know how? It’s like they’re speaking a different language, right?

Well they kinda are, in a way. With character limits on Twitter, and a gravitation towards graphics, video, GIFs, and emojis, it can be tough to navigate this new language that has its own colloquialisms and standards.

Do you feel like your digital marketing strategy (or lack thereof) is being held back by lack of understanding of this new language?

For some people, it does hold them back from choosing digital platforms to communicate over; which is a shame for business owners and their marketing strategy. Th internet is a whole new arena to meet people who are looking for solutions – your products or services are those solutions for so many people, they just need to know your company exists.

We’ve met a lot of people who just don’t understand tech, to whom emojis are just useless pictures. Alternatively, we’ve also met people who want so badly to understand, but just can seem to make the connection.

We console, tell them that just because their kids told them to stop using emojis if they can’t use them right doesn’t mean they should give up.

You know what’s worse than accidentally sending a sad face when you meant a happy face? Being boring. If you want to better your understanding of modern communication, that enthusiasm will show through, as will your great personality – and that’s what will win you customer loyalty and boost engagement rates.

If you are having problems communicating over social media, Y5 is here to help. We understand that it doesn’t come easily to everyone, and that not everyone has the time to learn. Give us a call at 778-379-2177 to find out how we can help you!

We believe that with patience and effort social media can be a strong tool to convert leads, and it would be a shame if so many people missed out on the fantastic products your business offers because technology moves so fast.

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