Any 90’s Designers Out There?

We’re diverse at Y5. Some of us weren’t even alive in the early 90’s (yes, a few of us are babies still); meanwhile, some of us were just starting out; and some of us had completely different careers.

All of us bring something different to the table, however – our own histories of how we became acquainted with the digital world and the design we remember best.

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Many of us hold on to some 90’s nostalgia regarding design. It was a fun time and period of momentum.

Anyone remember the old iMacs that came in different colours? We had those in my computer lab at school.

Classic 90’s designs we remember? Oh, the loading screens!

Then there was that prevalent rainbow design that was so zany – you know, the Lisa Frank clothing, and Saved by the Bell vibe?

For any of you who were proper adults in the 90’s, maybe you’ll recognize these 15 photos compiled by the Creative Market.

Moving on, what is really the point of looking backwards at design and tech we wouldn’t use anymore? Nostalgia?

Perhaps to a certain extent. When we manage to incorporate the best of the past (I’m down for a delicious purple-coloured Mac, personally), with the foresight of the future, we can create truly exceptional work.

New things can be scary. Upheaval is something few people really relish. However, if we can introduce something new and exciting with just enough comfort level, it makes the acceptance and transition a little easier at times. Other times you have to know when to just go for it and take a step forward and feel confident.

What would we like to take with us as a lesson from the 90’s? Don’t be afraid of colour or of showing your personality.

What are your favourite 90’s designs? Share them with us in the comments section!

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