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Adlibs: The Phenomenon of Fill In The Blanks

Does anyone remember Adlibs? The game that let you fill in the blanks by choosing nouns and adjectives and then inserting them into a story for total hilarity?

You used to bring these Adlib books to camp, gather your friend in a bunk and come up with the best nouns you could think of, and then try to suppress giggles as a friend read out the (usually inappropriate) story.

Why were these so fun? Often the stories didn’t even make sense – unless you cheated and filled the blanks directly into the story.

There is a creative factor in AdLibs. When we write, or make art of any kind, there may be a game plan and an outline, but it is often difficult to foresee where a story will go.

The aspect of creation in Adlibs, we think, was the best part. Getting to create a story, without having to make story yourself or ever really knowing exactly what would happen.

Thinking about it, we can draw comparisons to many popular social media functions. For example, Facebook asks you: “Want to see what year looked like? Click to see your year in review!” So you click it, and Facebook creates a collage of memories for you.

There’s an excitement in being told a story you already have a few answers to. We know who was involved in our year, where, what. All the nouns and adjectives. Now we get to see how our story unravels.


What other modern interactive features can you think of that are used today on social media?


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