A Lesson about Social Listening from Monopoly

You may not have heard, but Monopoly’s game tokens are getting a makeover.

Hasbro has launched an online voting campaign for the next generation of Monopoly tokens putting all classic game pieces and their fates up to the voters.

Monopoly fans cast about four million votes in January 2017 to decide which of the board games classic game pieces will be staying around, and which will be getting the axe; the classic Thimble token has already been voted out.

The contest opened January 10th, and closed for votes January 31st, giving online voters the power to decide what pieces will be added into the game including a hashtag, emojis, and a computer.

Voters were faced with a very heavy choice – to replace some or all classic game tokens with more culturally relevant items.

We have all played Monopoly at some point in our lives, and somehow it has remained relevant staple in family game night. In fact, the Thimble token that fans decided they no longer needed has been around since 1935.

Hasbro has actually launched 300 versions of Monopoly to date, including a cashless version.

The point of all this? It’s an important lesson in today’s world where people are always looking for new entertainment, and games that are more edgy (think about the opposite spectrum of not-so-family-friendly games like Card Against Humanity), that Monopoly has managed to remain a household name.

Social listening plays a huge part in this. Monopoly has always listened to their fan based and payed attention to what themes, and trendy interests were relevant to their target audiences. They have made sure that fans have remained engaged with their brand for decades – it’s a marketing tip for all of us, knowing when to pivot and try something else.

Social listening takes effort and time, however. You need someone on social media platforms engaging and communicating and learning about what consumers want in general and what they want from you.

If you don’t have time for that, then it’s a good idea to seek help, because logging on to Twitter once a month will not cut it.

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