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7 Themes to Expand Ideas of Beauty in Design

When it comes to modern art and design, some people find themselves baffled and lacking a connection with what they have been presented with.

For some it is the idea of beauty itself that is mind-boggling. Most instances of beauty that are agreed upon – especially when it comes to art – are classic re-representations. They are luxe and rich in skill.

That all said, contemporary techniques and mediums have so much to offer in their creativity and beauty. You just have to see the art with new eyes.

The NY Times posted an article about the Smithsonian Design Museum, which took on this slippery subject as its focus.

In order to prompt viewers to interact and expand concepts of beauty in design, the works have been divided into 7 different themes:


  1. Extravagant
  2. Transgressive
  3. Emergent
  4. Transformative
  5. Ethereal
  6. Intricate
  7. Elemental


When given a theme  beforehand, we find ourselves seeing something we didn’t realize was there before. Perhaps because we weren’t looking for it.

We see the beauty as it was meant to be seen.


Do you think the theme changes the way we see design? Leave us a comment!

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