5 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Sponsored Campaigns

LinkedIn is the where professionals are looking to interact and connect with other professionals and businesses, making it the ideal the ideal arena to reach companies and people who are already looking for you.

LinkedIn is the largest community of professionals who can impact their company’s business decisions. This is an arena your business should want to tap into.

Creating a Company Page is only the first step to connecting on LinkedIn; however, sponsoring updates or ads on LinkedIn can really leverage your company’s reach.

Combined with LinkedIn best practices like posting updates regularly sponsoring some content can make a huge difference in how many influential people your content reaches!


Here are a few tips to get the most out of Sponsored LinkedIn Content!


  1. Get to know your audience, again

Just like on all other platforms, you need to know who your targets are and what they want to hear. Just because you’re throwing some moolah behind your content, doesn’t mean it will be effective if what you’ve written is aimed at other audiences.


  1. Use graphics

People respond to beautiful graphics. High quality, interesting visuals help your content appeal more immediately to audiences.


  1. Prompt your audience to act!

Encourage your targets to act and contact you by including a clear call to action.


  1. Experiment with content and timing

LinkedIn recommends running a couple to a few sponsored updates or ads at once. This way you can tell what content and at what times your audience best responds.


  1. Reach audiences by designing smart

As most people access the web these days with their smart phones or tablets, it makes sense to design your ads in a way  that views well for these devices.

You’ll want to maximize your design for desktop and small screens alike by keeping content bite-sized, and including persuasive calls to action.


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