5 Reasons Y Your Pinterest is Not Optimized

Pinterest is an extremely interesting corner of the web. It is varied – housing categories and themes of every kind – and it is inspirational.

It’s basically an electronic dream-board where you can find and Pin your dreamiest style, food, decorating, reading/ music list, or inspirational quotations in one place.

So it’s no wonder that the average Pinterest visitor stays over 16 minutes and remains extremely engaged with the content.

If you have been looking into Pinterest, or are already on Pinterest and perhaps haven’t made it very far yet, here are a few tips:


  1. Beauty is Everything

Since Pinterest is so visual, it’s pretty much a given that users are more drawn to quality, aesthetically pleasing images. Under-pixelated images make your brand look unprofessional and will lead users to find other Pins.

Another image related task is to optimize your Web posts so that each has a Pinnable image. If there are multiple images in your post, it may be worth it to allow the user the option of choosing the image to match what they are drawn to in your post, or what part of your content they are trying to share.


  1. Language is Key

Thoughtful description language will get more Re-Pins.

Be mindful in your descriptions. Don’t try to use jargon specific diction. Instead use concise, searchable language. Include Keywords thinking about what words people may use to search your topic. Try not to be too “salesy” – no one likes that. Finally, remember why people come to Pinterest: to be inspired.

Keep it short and sweet!


  1. Make it Easy

As we mentioned above, your web content that Pinterest jumps to should include Pinnable images. More than that though, your website should be optimized for Pinterest. In the same way that you may have a Facebook button on your site, you should have a Pinterest “Follow” button as well.

You can also integrate the ‘Pin it’ button on each post on your site so users can Pin specific content they find interesting.


  1. Pin, Pin, Pin

Like other Social Media sites, Pinterest also involves a certain amount of content sharing. However, because Pinterest is used differently than other sites, it is crucial that your profile is kept up-to-date consistently. For this reason, it is suggested you Pin a minimum of 10 Pins per day.

It may sound like a lot, but not all of your Pins should be your own brand. Re-Pin from other brands as well using your knowledge of your ideal audience to Pin content that they will find useful and inspirational as well. As they say: Sharing is caring!


  1. Get Your Timing Right

Timing is a big part of reaching your target. Pinterest users tend to log on in the afternoon to the evening hours. Based on that information, it is a good idea to Pin at the times you know your target audience will be there.

As with other platforms, there are scheduling apps that can help you pre-schedule and monitor analytics. Always a good idea in managing an online presence.


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