5 Reasons Y Your Next Campaign Should Be A Contest, A Facebook Contest That Is

Given that there are 1.09 billion active users on Facebook every day, it would be an utter shame to not take advantage of that enormous pool of potential leads.

If you choose to engage on Facebook, you should consider a contest! Contests are an effective way to create buzz around your brand while interacting with your community. Not to mention, everyone loves a contest (and free stuff).


Here are 5 Reasons to Start Planning Your Next Facebook Contest Immediately:


  1. Create Stronger Engagement with Crowd-Sourced Photos and Videos

As a general rule, internet users tend to stay longer and interact with content in a more engaged way when there are pictures and videos.

By creating a contest where participants are asked to send in a picture of a video interacting with your product, not only are you spreading recognition for your product, but other users are more likely to engage just based on the form of content.


  1. Build Brand Awareness by Skill Testing

Skill testing in a contest has immense benefits. Skill testing is versatile; you can ask that participants comment with an answer; answer a short quiz on your website; or provide reasoning in a video. There are so many ways skill testing can be used.

Not only are you providing meaningful and engaging content for the user and views, but with skill testing you are also teaching. Teaching your brand helps your community understand who you are as a company and relate to it – which helps them become loyal and passionate about what you do!


  1. Make Your Life Easier (A Little) with Crowd-Sourced Submissions or Suggestions

When you, or your company are trying to decide on a logo, or another form of content, why not ask your audience? Let them tell you what they want! Involve your followers!

To enter you can ask they vote on their favorite option, or you can have them comment with suggestions! You can even have them enter by submitting their own work! You can then pick for yourself, or you have ANOTHER contest wherein your followers vote on their favorite options! So many possibilities!


  1. Get Followers By Keeping it Simple – It Couldn’t Be Easier if You Tried

If you’re creating a Contest in the hopes of generating more followers our one piece of advice is this: Keep it Simple!

You target will be turned off if they have to spend too much time or effort to enter your contest (unless the reward is worth that effort).

Making use of a simple “Like and Comment” Contest will have Facebook Users clicking their “Like” Buttons in no time.


  1. Get Your Platforms Noticed

Make use of your other platforms to create buzz about your contest. Post it to Twitter, Website, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Driving traffic to your different sites can only have good benefits in expanding the recognition of your brand.


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