5 Reasons Y Your Logo Needs an Update

A company’s logo is everything – it is the first impression and the lasting impression. A logo can make or break a sale at the end of the day – at some point all business’ need to ask if their logo is still doing its job or if it needs a little help.

When it comes to updating a logo, it doesn’t mean changing everything about it; we respect what you have and all we’re looking to do is give it new life and the energy to accomplish what you created it for in the first place.

How do you know when your logo has gotten tired? There are a few signs.

Here are 5 signs your logo needs an update:


  1. Your Logo Looks Outdated

A logo that never needs tweaking is pretty rare – most logos, even the more recognizable ones (Starbucks, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few) go through changes in order to keep up with a changing market.

Small changes can make all the difference, from bolder lines to a change in colour hue. Regardless, it is crucial that your logo look relevant to attract consumers.


  1. Your Logo Can’t Connect Anymore

Our target demographics change through the years – staying relevant can be a challenge when the audience you want to engage is a different generation than you are.

What often happens is that your target audience’s needs change, which means you need to change too to match their preferences and values.


  1. Your Logo is Too Messy

A messy or overcomplicated logo is a design issue from the start.

Logos should make an impression, but be easy to remember. A strong graphic designer knows how to integrate different ideas and messages into a design that translate visually as a cohesive identity.


  1. Your Logo is Not as Good as Your Competitors

Logos are an opportunity to show your brand personality and distinguish yourself from your competitors. However, while you want to appear different than your competitors, you also want your logo to look better – you want a more memorable logo.


  1. Your Logo Doesn’t Represent Your Brand Identity

Perhaps you were more focused on creating a logo that made it obvious what industry you are in. That said, your branding should relate to your brand identity. It should be about who you are, what you are will be evident when your branding is done right.

You may be frightened that changing your logo will alter your brand personality. However, brands like Coca-Cola and Starbucks have tweaked their logos without losing brand identity – they have just updated to keep up with a changing world.

The point is to keep looking fresh, to show people something that feels like today and tomorrow, not yesterday.


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