5 Reasons Y Your Instagram isn’t Reaching its Potential

Instagram is an area of Social Media often overlooked by many businesses. However, if used correctly, it is an easy and fun way to address the public. In fact, when used thoughtfully and correctly, companies or people can find tremendous success in branding (think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).


Here are 5 Reasons Y your Instagram isn’t Reaching its full potential:


1. You have Private Account

If you are just a regular user of instagram having private account is your prerogative. However, if you are company or a person trying to build a brand with a private profile potential followers will be deterred by the fact that they can’t see your profile, meaning they can’t see your images and if it’s the kind of profile they want to follow. If you feel uncomfortable about the public seeing an image, then simply don’t post it.


2. You don’t use Hashtags correctly if at all

The main function of hashtags if for your image to be connected with the people who actually want to see it through the use of keywords that are relevant to your image. Not using them trashes a perfectly good opportunity for your content to seen.

Alternately, overusing hashtags (most people like to use 1-7 hashtags), or using hashtags that have no relevancy to your content can have a negative effect as well.


3. You don’t have a Bio with a link

Not including a bio on your Instagram profile says to people who follow you that you don’t have point of view, and consistency on Instagram is huge. As well, a lack of bio makes you look unprofessional, especially accompanied by a lack of a link to your website/ blog – which lends itself to your legitimacy.


4. You over or under post

Posting lost of content within a short span of time runs the risk of the images getting lost. If followers see many posts one right after the other, chances are they’ll probably skip over most of them. If you want to post multiple photos a day, ensure that the timing is far enough apart. Likewise, not posting often enough makes your profile seem haphazard and makes your account forgettable.

Try to develop a routine, different times of day or week meet different demographics, find out what works for you and stick with it.


5. You don’t pay attention to the quality of your images

This is what Instagram is all about after all. The least we can do is make sure the pictures we post are up to snuff. Especially with the technology at our fingertips. Smartphones have good quality cameras, so a poor quality image has no excuse. Moreover, Instagram allows you to sharpen, brighten, filter, or tilt images. All the basic tools are right there to fix a low quality image.

Quality also means the substance of your photos. No one will follow you either if your pictures are all promotional logos. You need lifestyle shots and pictures that also simply represent your brand and values. It’s a fine balance, but worth finding.

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