For creative professionals the fine line between doing good work and creating something new is quite fine.

We use our creative skills to help clients sell their brand, products, or services. Do not misread – what we’re doing is creative. In fact being a creative professional takes attention to detail, a strong knowledge of your craft, and the ability to refine and self-edit.

That all said, in order to maintain a steady stream of creativity everyday it’s easy to create your own version of a creative template. So how do you jump-start your creative mindset?


Here are 5 mistaken ideas you may have that inhibit creativity:


  1. I Write/ Design/ etc.

Stop typecasting yourself. Seriously, stop.

So you got a job as a web designer? Great! However, you need to remember that you are more than just this one set of skills.

When we limit ourselves to a specific identity we limit our creativity as well. Use growth instead – learn new skills that don’t pertain to your chosen profession, things you may not expect to be good at.


  1. I’m Too Close to Be Objective

The truth is that when a friend asks for your help, your ability to be objective allows you to approach the problem with more creativity.

Approach your problem as if it belongs to someone else. Whether you need to write down your problem and then write out the answer, or create a diagram, do whatever it takes to find the place where you answer the problem, not yourself.


  1. I Only Like People Like Me

If you are interested in only people who are like you, the scope of what you experience will be limited.

Sure, it’s really nice to speak to someone who has the same goals and values as you do. However, speaking to people with other interests and perspectives is a learning experience which challenges us to think about things we didn’t before, or even question what we thought.


  1. I Want to Be Free to Make Whatever I Want

While totally creative freedom can be a lot of fun, there is also something to be said for restrictions.

Like when you were first learning how to do what it is you do, you were given a task or assignment and you had to find a way to complete it to the best of your ability while still maintaining your own voice.

This kind of exercise pushes us, challenges us, and keeps us adapting.


  1. I Did The Best I Could

We are always growing and we can only use our current experience and the help we ask for as tools for each result.

One thing you can do to continue improving is to take each project as a learning experience. Leave ego aside and ask:

  • What could I have done differently?
  • What other ways could I have reached that result?


If a bunch of creative types who love learning sounds good to you, give us a call at 778-379-2177 today to talk about what Y5 can do for you!


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