5 Reasons Y Your Content May Be Flopping

When it comes to writing for web, more goes into creating effective content than some may think.

You don’t just come up with a topic and go to town all willy-nilly!


Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Content May be Flopping:

  1. You Don’t Write in Context

When we refer to context, we’re referring to two factors: Knowing what audience does and doesn’t know; and whether a topic is relevant.

While we are all for educating your audience, it is important to remember not talk about subjects they know nothing about. If you are going to introduce new topics, don’t assume everyone knows as much as you do. Similarly, don’t talk down to them either.

Then there’s keeping track of trends!

Not that you have to be a trend machine, but why would you write about an event that happened four months ago? Timely writing is what you want to focus on. This means keeping language, information, and jokes up-to-date.


  1. You Don’t Use Best Practices

Just because you’re an amazing writer doesn’t mean you can slack. If you don’t use keyword-rich content and incorporate searchable language into your writing you won’t reach your full potential audience.

Another one is remembering to keep you paragraphs and sentences short.

Within reason.

Then, there’s link backs. When it comes to inbound marketing, if you have written about it before you don’t need to re-write it – just link back.


  1. You Don’t Consider Form

Note that we have broken this blog up into key points. If you also go back to our body of work, you will see that we like to keep things consistent as well with our “5 Reasons Y” themes.

While you don’t have to stick to one way of conveying ideas, remember that form matters. The best way to make sure you are appealing to different readers is to be consistent, display information in a way that is easy to digest, and make it look appealing.


  1. You Don’t Pay Attention to Quality

The tough thing about taking part in the online social world is the fact that you need to address Quality and Quantity.

Posting consistently means you need to have a lot of content ready to go. However, no one will interact with your content if it isn’t informative and well-written.

If you don’t have the time or ability to accomplish both of these feats, then chances are you may need to seek outside help.


  1. You Don’t Write for Accessibility

The fact is that many people who want to learn, and who want to interact with you experience various disabilities (like Dyslexia) that prevent them from getting the information they need from you.

Why can’t they get information from you if your content is good and you have promoted it solidly online? Possibly because you convoluted your good content with confusing fonts, color palettes, or big ol’ monster paragraphs.

Your job is to make it as easy as possible.


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