Just because you post an image a week for your weekly special promotion to Twitter doesn’t mean you are marketing your business or brand effectively. As a result you will lose business to your competition.

Really, when you think about, it’s your fault.

Not to place blame or anything.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your new business, small business, large business, family owned business,  is succeeding?

Part of any modern business’s success plan is marketing – especially digital marketing. Truthfully, if you are not on Social Media, or your website is out-of-date you are basically handing over business to your competition that has embraced the times.


Here are 5 Reasons Y Digital Marketing is a Must:


  1. Communicate Regularly

In the culture we live in everyone uses at least one social platform (even your mom in on Facebook). Basically, if you are not using Social Media  to your advantage, there are other business’ that will.

Even more so than using Social Media, is doing so regularly. When you meet someone and then don’t see them for months, you forget everything they told you about themselves!

Once you connect with someone, it is imperative that you follow up and keep them engaged so that they remember you.


  1. Acquire the Skill of Listening

The fantastic thing about Digital Marketing is that it is all happening in real time and as such you are hearing and seeing the concerns and triumphs of others occurring now.

This is social listening and it can make the difference between being at the forefront of a conversation or, if you weren’t paying attention, the person who shows up not realizing the party was moved to a different location (like to your competitor’s HQ).


  1. Solve Problems

As it turns out more and more people are going to digital arenas to contact businesses these days to get in touch and voice concerns or praise.

The alternative is that customers will go somewhere else where they will feel heard.


  1. Be Present

Digital Marketing is about being present where the action is. Millions of people are online discussing their interests and seeking solutions. You can be that solution, if they can find you.

One way to enter the conversation is by staying up-to-date on current industry news, making use of trending subjects, and using modern, appealing graphics. None of which you can accomplish if you haven’t been present.


  1. Make it Easy

Why would you want to make it more difficult to do business with you?

Being accessible has to do with all of the factors we mentioned above such as being active on Social Media, posting content regularly on various platforms, and ensuring you have the digital tools needed to contact you.

If you are not accessible, your potential clients will go elsewhere, and that will be your fault.


To make use of Digital Marketing, contact Y5 at 778-379-2177 to talk Teamplay and what we can do for you.


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