5 Reasons Y You Shouldnt Re Brand Without Backup

5 Reasons Y You Shouldn’t Re-Brand Without Backup

5 Reasons Y You Shouldnt Re Brand Without Backup

5 Reasons Y You Shouldn’t Re-Brand Without Backup

If your present branding is feeling stale, you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, or you don’t feel like your current branding has the momentum and power to take your business to new heights, then a re-branding may be what you need.

There is a lot of work involved in a re-brand! Although, let us tell you, it’s completely worth it! That said, there are some questions to consider.


Here are 5 Questions to convince you not to go at your re-brand alone:

1 Who is responsible?

If you do have at least a small creative team in-house, do they have the objectivity to create something entirely new and fresh?

By looking towards an outsourced team, you have the opportunity for new perspective as well as the benefit of working with people who have done this before.

2 What needs to be changed?

Different business’ need different things. In our experience, sometimes a brand requires a completely new look and feel. Other times, you just need a refresh – a helping hand to nudge you into the present decade.

We have, however, worked with business’ that needed it all. It pays (or saves, as it were) to work with people who have the experience to see what you have, respect it, and help you get to the results you want.

3 Can you keep old images?

When it comes to your website, dull, overly used stock photos are a fine line. What you need is a team of professionals who know when it is okay to use a stock photo, can provide resources to edit images to make them appear custom, or who can get new photos taken for you.

The important thing to remember is that professionals ensure that your images are unique to you and are right on brand!

4 Do you have the manpower?

Once you start to re-brand, there are many extra elements that are often forgotten.

What you will need are many variations and sizes of your new logo, as well as someone (Graphic Designer) who can do all the work quickly and professionally. Think email signatures, newsletters, various collateral, business cards, presentation folders, and social media profile pages. You need someone who knows how to design for print and for digital, in short.

You will need this kind of help on an ongoing basis; and graphics are just one example of elements that take up a lot of effort and time. Don’t forget about content, social media, and web development.

5 What is your brand?

There are so many brands out there, in your industry and not. Know what you have going for you? You!

Let us help you figure out how best to represent the best aspects of your brand so that other can appreciate all the fantastic things you have to offer!

Give Y5 a call today at 778-379-2177 to talk re-branding!

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