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5 Reasons Y You Should Wake Up With Social Media

For people who work within social media, social media is a morning-noon-and-night sort of job.

That said, it is easy to accept social media as part of the job, and only part of the job. You may check your emails when you wake up or your own personal Instagram as you wait for your water to boil.


Here Are 5 Reasons Y You Should Wake Up With Social Media:


1.Get Out of bed

Why is it that your bed is 1000x more comfy when you have to wake up in the morning than when you went to bed? It is tough to leave the covers in the morning, to turn on the light and sit up.

There is a reason people tell you to turn off all devices at least a half hour before bed: the light and “dialed in” aspect of your computer or smart device is stimulating. So it stands to reason that where your tablet may keep you up at night, it may help you wake up in the morning and find the strength to turn on the lights.

2. Start a Routine

Having a reason to get out of bed in the morning is a start. More than that though, having a routine is helpful in the morning. Get up, make coffee, make breakfast, sit down and catch up on social media. You will thank yourself for the extra half hour. No rushing out the door with a granola bar for breakfast for you.

3. Feel productive

If anything, even if you couldn’t find the energy to put together a stylish outfit, you can at least feel productive.

Social media is not only for connecting to other users, it is also about connecting to what is going on in the world. Waking up with social media means you will have already started your day knowing the headlines and major events that will be important if not merely relevant for the rest of the day.

4. Start Conversations

It often feels as if the whole world is asleep and you are the only one who has to get up. By getting on social media early, you’ll see this isn’t the case at all. You are not alone.

5. Less to Keep You Up At Night

One thing we all have on our minds at the end of the day is: Did I do enough today? Well first let us tell you, you absolutely did. However, trying to catch up on all the conversations on Twitter and Facebook in the fifteen minutes before bed should not be an issue. Avoid that cycle by becoming a morning Social Media person!

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