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5 Reasons Y You Should Update Your Website For Usability

Websites are the most important tool a business has. With everyone on the internet, it is imperative you do your darndest to ensure an effective and engaging experience for users.


Here are 5 Reasons Y You Should Update Your Web Page:


  • Web Users Lack Patience

There are quite a few reasons your web page could be loading slowly. However, it would be a mistake to take a slow loading website laying down.

Internet users have become accustomed to information at the click of a button. If a web page takes too long to load, chances are that user will abandon their present course of action and seek information elsewhere (ie, not your website).


  • Looks Matter

The first thing a user is likely to do when they have reached your web page is evaluate it and judge it based on other web pages they’ve seen before. By spending time on the way your website looks, you are increasing the chances of the user continuing to browse and search for information on your site.


  • Points for Accessibility

Accessibility counts down to grammar. While the web page invites people in, the content is the tea that will keep them visiting for a while. It must be readable. Take into account factors such as font choice, size of font, and the layout.


  • Give Direction

Website Navigation is at the forefront of crucial website design as far as users are concerned.

Navigation on a website needs to be functional otherwise visitors will simply turn around and leave the way they came in.


  • Dazzle

Akin to the way web users have no patience for slow loading, they have also come to expect more than the bare minimum. It’s not enough that the content is good, and the layout is organized and easy to use. Your page should dazzle.

This can be achieved by adding movement, texture, and other engaging techniques.


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