5 Reasons Y You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is becoming one of the biggest platforms to forge new connection, increase your opportunities, and highlight yourself in the best light. An out-of-date Profile is stale and will not encourage viewers to connect with you. It is paramount to keep your profile updated.


Here are 5 Reasons Y You should be Updating your LinkedIn Profile often:


  • Make A Good First Impression

First impressions do matter. The picture you use should be professional, with you front and centre, and a non-distracting background. Also important: the photo should be current (i.e. actually look like you now).

  • Control Your Story

People are researching you. All sorts of companies and people who know you already or are looking for someone like you are on LinkedIn. Your summary is an opportunity to control how you are perceived – what your strengths are, what your brand is, what it is you do. Use the first-person and tell it simply so that it is comprehensive and easy to read.

  • Get The Most Out of Your Profile

Due to its professional community, LinkedIn is a chance to increase your visibility to the community at large. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your account, add media like images, videos, and links to websites that highlight your work and achievements.

Be sure to keep updating this section of your profile for others to get a clear picture of what you are up to. This way, other users can see your brand as a compelling persona.

  • Improve Your Legitimacy

It is crucial to reach out to the people you have worked with in the past and ask them to help out with recommendations or endorsements. Peer-to-peer endorsements are powerful. They lend your profile legitimacy so the people viewing your profile can see what other people think of you. And fear not, all recommendations must be approved by you before they are posted, so nothing will be posted unless you give the green light.

  • Connect More

LinkedIn has a huge community of users. Of the users in your community whom you are not connected to already? They want to know you. They want to connect. These are your prospects, employees, your manager, current clients, and even your competitors. They all use LinkedIn.

It is so important to keep connecting with new people. You meet people all the time, and anyone of those people could make the difference in your company or your future. So continue to connect. It makes a world of difference.

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