5 Reasons Y You Should Share the Love

We have written before on the positive aspects of curating content to share on various social platforms. The curation of content should definitely part of your overall social strategy, to say the least.

Curating content from other sources is a practice in goodwill, shows you care about your audiences interests, and also displays your commitment to continuously keeping up-to-date with industry trends and news.

Besides all that, there are a few more reasons curating is a good practice to integrate into your social strategy.


Here are 5 ways you should be using curated content:


  1. Ignite Conversation

Always remember that “Social” is the operative word in “Social Media”. Your audience wants to socialize with you!

Curating content allows you to ask questions and start a conversation!


  1. Politely Enter the Conversation

Just because you are not the Mayor of This-or-That-Topicville does not mean you can’t take part, share opinions you think are relevant, and learn along the way.

This is also a wonderful opportunity, not only to test out this topic on your current audience, but also to expand your audience.


  1. Create a Valuable Relationship

Sharing is caring, and even the biggest brands appreciate it when people share their content. Give credit where credit is due and tag the original poster, and hopefully the love will come back.

By curating content (within reason) from reputable brands, you expand your audience, set a standard, and forge some valuable social relationships.


  1. Be on the Cusp of Cool

Part of interacting on social media, and a huge part of curating content, is discovering new technologies, strategies, and work being done by people in your industry.

There is so much information out there that sometimes it is overwhelming, and your audience will look to you to provide them with the most up-to-date information and relevant goings-on. It’s a big job, but it shows you care about what you do.


  1. Fill the Gap

Think about curating content as an opportunity to discover what subjects are already being covered. Whether you share content as a means to add to the conversation, or to provide your audience with supplementary information, there is a possibility to your own spin.

By sharing content that is not yours it allows you the chance to add a point or ask a question the author hadn’t considered. It also give you the time to sift through ALL of that content out there and perhaps find a gap – a topic that hasn’t been covered.

It’s like shooting two birds with one stone (Note: We do not condone shooting birds with stones!). Stay up-to-date with the latest news while doing research for your next big piece of content or discovering a unique perspective. Give the people what they want!


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