5 Reasons Y You Should Repurpose Old Content

We work with a lot of different clients, all requiring our skills and time. We don’t mind! We love it!

However, there are certain tactics we will that appear pragmatic – and they are!

That said, just because something is pragmatic doesn’t mean that we don’t have your best interests as our end goal.

Repurposing old content, isn’t just pragmatic, it’s effective!


Here are 5 Reasons Why:


  1. Repurposed Content Increases Reach

When you need content created, we don’t just slap a couple of words together and call it day. We spend the time and effort doing our research, editing, and getting second opinions.

When you think about it, this fine piece of content we created for you, it’s fantastic! Repurposing really makes sense as different forms of content do better on different platforms.

Basically, when we use content different ways, on different social platforms, you increase your social reach and different audience demographics see it. This results in higher engagements!


  1. Repurposing Content Boosts Search Engine Optimization

As professionals, we know how to incorporate effective, subtle ways of leading audiences to your website (so beautiful, by the way! Who was the web developer? Oh, right it was us), and other content you published (Who does your social media? Right, us.).

Linking content to other content increases you SEO and ensures that the people who are looking for your service, find you easily.


  1. Repurposing Content Increases Legitimacy

Often, people go to business’ they already know or know well by reputation. Using content in different places increases the chance that viewers will see it.

Have you ever heard that familiarity increases how much we like something? Works the same online. The more times a viewer sees your content, the lore likely they are to view you are a legitimate and authoritative source.


  1. Repurposing Content Makes a Point

When you studied for any test or tried to memorize a speech, repetition was the key right? Repurposing old content means that more people see you content and read it in different forms. Hearing the same message again increases the chance that it will be remembered!

Wouldn’t you take a second chance at pitching your brand if you could?


  1. Repurposing Content Saves Time

While we certainly won’t be skimping on any effort – repurposing content is all about tact – recycling work means we already have the key elements for a great post!

Here we have a win-win. You boost audience engagement, increase your SEO, create a more authoritative persona, and effectively tell your story; and we already know what you need!


If you need help with you social media, boosting your audience engagement, or help with content writing, give Y5 a call today at 778-379-2177!

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