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5 Reasons Y You Should Prepare For a PR Crisis

Little crises happen all the time, especially if you are handling multiple social media  profiles. Communication can end up as a game of broken telephone, where a single word related incorrectly results in a not-so-happy client.

Most of these mistakes are small and can be easily fixed without much backlash if any at all. However, little mistakes do teach a valuable lesson: Prepare for the worst.

Sometimes the big stuff can happen. Crises we didn’t see coming. In the event of a large crisis, our advice is: Organization is your life source.


Here are 5 Reasons Y Organization will keep things moving during a PR Crisis:


When it comes to a PR crisis, we suggest following the Who, What, Where, When, and How strategy.

  • WHEN

First off, you need to create an outline of how long you have to respond to fix this problem. Once you have your parameters, you can release your held breath and begin to work out how to effectively respond.

  • WHAT

Depending on the kind of problem you are facing, you may choose to respond in a single post, or you may choose to create a campaign to assert a new image to repair your brand.

  • WHO

The Who is a big one. Who will be responsible for creating the content? Who will be responsible for posting the content? Who needs to approve the content?

We refer to a chain of command for a reason. Never try to tackle an issue of brand alone.


Depending on where your efforts will be spent on social media, you should be creating content accordingly. Responding to negative feedback looks different across all platforms. Decide in advance where you will be posting your content, or if you will be releasing it to all platforms.

  • HOW

Lastly, decide in advance whether you will solely be responding as a whole to your community, or individually. If you are choosing to respond individually as well as at large, create templates. Do not just respond all will-nilly hoping you’re getting it right. Preparation is key in times like these.


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