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5 Reasons Y You Should Plan a Social Media Campaign in Advance

It would be unwise to create and launch a campaign in twenty minutes. Even for the most experienced of marketers.

Taking the time to plan and create a quality campaign will up your chances of producing the result you want and allow you to capitalize on all that social media has to offer – making an informed decision.


  • Identify Your goals

Before you even get started, you have a clear picture of what it is your want to accomplish with a campaign.

From that information you can decide what platform would be most efficient to promote on, or whether you want to make use of multiple platforms.

Without clear goals, your result will also be unclear.

  • Design

Take time to plan out a campaign. Try different keywords and hashtags. Edit your content. Find the best images you can. Quality is key.

  • Seek a Second Opinion

The best marketing teams are the ones that communicate. We are all human, we all make mistakes. You will be your own worst enemy if you don’t have someone else look at your work. Ask for second opinions on all aspects of the campaign whether it be graphics, content, or target audience.

Once you have a second opinion, edit. Have someone else check it again. Ensure that the final work you are putting out is your best.

  • Launch

Send it out and promote it. Promote across all your social channels. Engage social followers, promote your campaign in newsletters, share it to your blog, include the link to your blog in all your other content. Promote, promote, promote.

  • Learn

Your work is not done once you’ve launched the campaign. So you got good results? Great. Why?
Make sure you look into your analytics to determine why people interacted with your content, and what you can work on in the future to reap even better results!

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