5 Reasons Y You Should Pay Professionals to Write Your Product Descriptions

Many people don’t seem to see the value in hiring professional digital marketing services. Why can’t they do all the work themselves, or in-house? Everyone can use social media and write, right?

Especially when it comes to product sales, it seems kind of backwards to business owners to pay someone outside of the company to write product descriptions.

That all said, there are a few reasons, 5 Reasons in fact, to hire professional copywriters to write your product descriptions:


  1. You Can’t Do It All

Business owners who are averse to hiring people outside the company to write their products descriptions cite the following reasons:

  • Who knows my products better than me or some who sells them?
  • No one reads the descriptions anyway.
  • Everyone can write.

Ah, nope. As a business owner, you can’t do it all. Neither can your staff. On top of their actual job duties, you’re going to ask them to write as well? This wastes time and money, because your descriptions will not reap the results you want – despite the fact that everyone can write.


  1. Copy Writers are Professional Writers

Yes, everyone can write. We all talk, we all communicate. However, those of us who pursue a life in communication can usually (hopefully) do it a bit better than most. In fact, the majority of copywriters have backgrounds in writing, holding degrees in Journalism or English. We’ve spent time learning how punctuation, diction, and syntax (to name a few) make a difference in how a sentence is read and understood. It’s called rhetoric for those who are unfamiliar.

Many business owners try to write their product descriptions themselves or pass it off to the most tech-savvy person in-house; which means that you’ve given a really important task to someone without the time or knowledge to be persuasive.


  1. SEO

Many people who come to us have head of SEO, and they know they want it, they just don’t know what it is. Did you know it stands for Search Engine Optimization?

Professional copy writers don’t just know how to sell people with words, they know how to sell Google with specific keywords, and other SEO best practices that allow your products to reach your target audience with less work, time, and money spent on your part.


  1. Branded Content

A professional copywriter also has lots of experience writing in different voices, and to different audiences. They know how to directly appeal to your customer base in a voice that remains consistent with your branding and business personality while remaining SEO friendly.


  1. Drive Sales

With experience and skill comes the ability to be persuasive – as mentioned above. SEO driven descriptions means more brand awareness. Better descriptions more brand engagement and, consequently, converting more leads. Better descriptions = more sales. Pretty simple.


So why are you still writing your product descriptions yourself?

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