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5 Reasons Y You Should Pay Attention to These 5 Pages On Your Website

As a company, it is important to have a game plan in terms of marketing your business and brand. Your website is your company’s “first impression”. If you are wondering where you should be investing your time and money, your website is the first place to start.

In an increasingly digital world, it is extremely likely that a prospect will check you out online before they approach you for more information or even to give you their business.


In order to make the most of a first impression, here are 5 Pages to pay attention to on your web page, and Y they matter:

  • Homepage

As far as first impressions go, your Homepage is it. If someone doesn’t like your Homepage, if it looks like you haven’t bothered to brand it, or keep it updated, you are losing valuable business almost immediately. Chances are there’s someone out there who is willing to take the time and present a beautiful first impression.

  • About us

This is generally a prospects second stop when they visit your website. Keep your brand strong and be informative. The two things someone wants to know when they visit “About Us” is what exactly it is that you do (maybe that other don’t), and if you’re point of view matches up with their own.

  • Blog

This is a chance to show what you know, to give the customers a bite of how you can help them. It is also a great chance for the customer to get to know you.

Well written blogs can be funny, they can be formal, they can showcase the voice of the company. If a prospect likes your blog, they will see you as legitimate and likeable source and will be more likely to come to you in the future with their business.

  • Contact us

You Contact Page should have every single piece of information required to get a hold of you.

  • Search

While we are believers that your Website should be simple enough that even the least tech-savvy person should be able to find the information they need, it does happen that someone just can’t remember where they found something important last time. On the off-chance that it happens, you should be able to provide the information someone is looking for with a click of a button.



If you’re looking for more information, or need help with Web Design, Graphics, or Content, give us a call today and get started with #TeamPlay!

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