5 Reasons Y You Should Optimize Your Social Media

It would be inefficient to not do your darndest to make your various social media platforms as good as they can be. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?


Here are 5 Reasons Y you should Optimize Your Social Media:

1. Consistency

When prospects research you and your business, it should be consistent across the board. You profile picture, background picture, personal summary/bio, and links should be the same on all platforms. This way when people search you on different platforms they recognize you and your brand. This makes you appear consistent and legitimate.

(Side note: It is perfectly okay to untag yourself from unflattering photos. You do want to appear your best for anyone looking to hire you.)


2. Search-ability

When updating bios or summaries, or posting on any particular subject, make sure you are using keywords to your advantage. By incorporating keywords into your content, you will be more searchable.


3. Don’t Cop-Out

Fill out as much information as possible about yourself and your company. It should be easy to get to know you and your business. It should also be easy to contact your business.

Do remember to keep the information bite-sized; no one wants to read monster paragraphs.


4. Crossover

With a few tweaks, content is easily shared on different platforms. You can publish blog posts to LinkedIn (if they are appropriate), Instagram photos to Twitter, etc. Sharing your content to multiple platforms enables users to find you, which creates more organic traffic.


5. Link It All Up

At the very least, all platforms should have links to each other and your website.



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