5 Reasons Y You Should Incorporate Animated Video Into Marketing Campaigns

Videos have long been used in marketing strategy (think How-To videos), animation is still finding its place in marketing campaigns. With its flexibility and affable quality, animated videos are a wonderful marketing solution.


Here are 5 Reasons Y you should be including Animated videos into your next Marketing Campaign:

  1. Endless Possibility

Given the medium of animated video, any story is possible. Ideas and concepts can be explained very quickly and simply in ways that would come off as awkward in regular film.

  1. Incorporation

With animated video, everything from characters clothing choices, to backgrounds, to details, to the type of flowers on the ground can be personalized to embody the brand and create a cohesive, formulated video.

  1. Strategy

With the ability to incorporate fine details, and tailor just about every aspect of the video to suit your company’s brand, there is no excuse for a haphazardly conceptualized video.

Start with a good concept and follow through. Plan every detail. Ensure that the message is precise. The effectiveness of a well thought out video will speak for itself.

  1. Engage

Animated videos have an inviting quality to them. The playful nature of animation engages viewers more quickly and in a non-threatening way.

  1. Possibility

Everyone loves a good animated video. They can be funny, sad, or informative. If they are effective, their message will spread. There is a great possibility of your video being shared and expanding far past your target audience.


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