5 Reasons Y You Should Hire a Professional Social Media Help

It is a necessity in 2017 that any business needs a social media presence. Meanwhile, a lack of presence deters from brand legitimacy and will sway your leads in the opposite direction.

If you use social platforms wisely, you will be strengthening your brand and increasing brand awareness.

While a good social media strategy takes time and consistency, not putting in the effort will eventually lose you followers and render all the time you did spend as wasted time.

What you need is a digital marketing agency!

Here are 5 reasons why hiring professional social media help is in your business’ best interests:


  • Let your Leads Know You

You branding brand values are your life as an online personality.

Social media managers can keep consistency on different platforms, repurposing content and customizing content for different audience and different social media channels without compromising your brand messaging and values.


  • Foster Brand Recognition

Different social media channels require different tactics in order to reach target audiences. The person doing the posting also needs to be aware of social media marketing trends, and how to use images, videos, and GIFs to engage various demographics.


  • Adaptability

When it comes to the promotion of your brand online, an amount of background knowledge is necessary in order to adapt and change tactics, as well as quickly learn new platforms or apps to engage on the go.

For instance, posting to LinkedIn is not the same as posting to Instagram or Pinterest or Snapchat.

Social media managers need to be able to build profiles quickly, and measure success – without becoming discouraged by any obstacles.


  • Social Listening

While we’re on the topic of obstacles, social listening is a critical practice in social media marketing.

What are the industry trends? What are your targets needs? What is your competition doing to help them? How can you help them better?

As a business you need someone listening as often as possible. As a business owner, you likely don’t have the time.

Hiring someone in-house is either costly, or takes away from their time spent on what you actually hired them to do. Not to mention that as one person they probably can’t provide all the services that an outsourced marketing team can.


  • Converting Leads

If you post quality content in line with your audiences interests consistently, you will expand your brand recognition. And if you use that platform to listen, to keep improving, and stay ahead of the industry, your will situate your business as the “best place to go” because your target audience will know they can trust you to deliver the result they expect.

This is how social media converts leads – by building brand legitimacy and trust over time while remaining relevant.


Don’t have the time? That’s why there are outsourced digital marketing agencies like Y5! Give us a call today at 778-379-2177 to learn how we can help you reach your business goals with social media strategy!

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