5 Reasons Y You Should Customize Your Facebook Page

As we’ve mentioned before in our blogs, given that there are 1.09 billion active users on Facebook every day, it is imperative that as a business you use Facebook to your full advantage.

Your Company Page is where many potential leads go first to check out what you are about. The kind of content you post, as well as how professional your page looks matters.

One way you can control what goes on your pages as well as what viewers see is by Personalizing your Facebook Page.


If you haven’t yet, here are 5 Reasons Y personalizing your Facebook Page can change your game.


1. Get Custom

One way to personalize your Facebook page is by creating a custom Facebook Page URL . It’s free, so fear not. The idea in claiming your own URL is that there is consistent branding between your company and the page.

It’s also a detail that makes your Facebook Page easier to remember. For instance, Y5’s is facebook.com/Y5Creative/.

To claim your Custom Facebook URL, go straight to facebook.com/username. Remember, you can only change the URL once, so keep it simple and choose wisely.


2. Ensure The People You Want to See Your Page Do

Under General Settings, you’ll be able to determine who can currently see your page and who cannot. You may want everyone to be able to view your page; or you may require some restrictions (for instance and age restriction?).

There are lots of different options so you can best attract your target audience.


3. Control Variables

Also under General Settings, you can control who can post to you page, and what they can post. As well, you can use the “Page Moderation” option to block comments containing specific words, or the “Profanity Filter” alternatively.

While we want to hear from our audience, we do want to make sure that we have a certain sole in ensuring nothing is posted to our page that could damage our brand.


4. Keep The Branding Strong

When it comes to your Profile Picture or your Background Image it truly helps to have high quality, high-resolution images. Not only does including quality images elevate your brand, but it shows that you take every detail of your company seriously.

Good branding can make all the difference in attracting business from potential leads. If need be, have a graphic designer create custom images for you to use (we may know of a really good one!).


5. Give The People What They Want

The Tabs at the top of your page have a specific purpose for the visitors to your page. You can customize the tabs simply by reordering them so the visible tabs are the ones your page visitors actually need.

As well, you can also Add or Remove Tabs and installing more tabs.


If you need help with Social Media, Y5 can help! Give us a call at 778-379-2177 to talk about getting started on TeamPlay today!

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