5 Reasons Y You Should Consider Rebranding

5 Reasons Y You Should Consider Rebranding

5 Reasons Y You Should Consider Rebranding

5 Reasons Y You Should Consider Rebranding

It can be extremely difficult to shake off our bias and look at our own business objectively. How do you know when your branding is stale?

You’ve had some great years with this brand and have grown into the company you are today because of it.

That all said, we all need a little objectivity from time to time.

Staying static does your business and brand a disservice if it no longer works for you or represents your current brand values.

Here are 5 reasons you may want to re-evaluate your branding:

1 You want to change your reputation.

Not all reputations are bad. However, over time brands tend to become pigeonholed into specific categories.

Re-framing your brand can help you showcase a different side to your business and aid you in reaching your target demographic.

2 You want to engage a new audience.

Say you have decided to launch a new product line aimed at a new target audience, but your current branding is aimed at a demographic completely opposite to the audience you’re trying to attract.

It’s time to tweak that brand so that it appeals to a new market.

3 Your brand is having trouble remaining relevant.

It’s all in how you frame it. Industries evolve at the blink of an eye – so it can be a challenge to keep ahead of the curve.

The right branding will give off a modern air that won’t dissolve at the first sign of change; it will evolve with you.

4 You have outgrown your branding.

Outgrowing your original branding does not mean that the branding you started off with was no good – on the contrary, it means that it has served you well.

There is a time to change, however. When your business outgrows its branding, it is in response to the business’ pivot in direction or services to match their market needs.

Branding that no longer helps you connect with your audience is not doing you any favours, and you’re not favouring it by remaining steadfast. Change an evolve.

5 You never developed branding to begin with.

Here’s another issue entirely.

Without the proper backing and support, your marketing strategy may never lift off ground. A brand without consistency or substance is just a business name. Not only that, but lack of cohesive branding will also confuse your leads and lose you business in the end of the day.

Remember, “The Brand Always Comes First”.

Give us a call at 778-379-2177 to talk about rebranding, brand strategy, and how we will respect what you have by giving it new life.

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