5 Reasons Y You Should Keep Up With Internet Speak

The Internet can be a little overwhelming if you’ve either been on retreat from social media for a bit, or are a complete and totally newbie. One aspect of interacting on the Internet that continues to change at an existential rate is Internet Speak.

Knowing the language is a huge step to understanding what’s going on and why.


Here are 5 Reasons Y keeping up with basic Internet Speak is important (and 5 of our favorites!):


Establish Set Standards

As you build a website, a LinkedIn profile, etc., you need to establish the standard of what your page should look like, what kind of content people within your community are sharing or are interested in. How do you gain all of this knowledge? By Creeping* the pages of your competition. If you don’t know what they’re talking about, you may have already lost the battle.

: To spend an extended period of time looking through someone’s profile, photos, videos, Likes, and other information. Generally applied to checking out a potential date’s ex, but you get the point.


Create Organic Traffic

One way to gain traction as a brand is by generating Followers*. As you interact with your community more and more, other businesses and users will Follow you and hopefully begin to interact back. When you speak someone’s language, you tend to get along better.

: When a Twitter user subscribes to your account so that they can get your content directly to their home feed. Basically a way of showing they like you and want to keep an eye on you.


Optimize Your Content

You want to provide the most efficient and engaging content as possible. Long, backslashed-beriddled links look messy. Short Links*  look cleaner and have the added benefit of freeing up characters to provide more information to users. And if your language is outdated, your information appears outdated.

*Short Link
:When you shorten a URL so that it takes up less characters.


Create a Community

The best way to drive business to your brand and increase awareness is through Engagement*. Posting content to different platforms and interacting with other company’s content will create good will and generate brand awareness. The community language can be similar to inside jokes, if you don’t know them you feel as if you’re on the outside looking in.

: Creating a dialogue with others on social platforms through messaging, tweeting, Liking, Sharing, or Favoriting content. Also refers to the happy occasion of two people coming together. Social engagements are basically the same, just without the “Forever” part.


Know Your Audience

Internet users get bored quickly, so it’s your job to change things up every once in while. One such smart weekly opportunity is #tbt* where you can take advantage of nostalgic trends to boost likes and traffic. Using the proper terminology for online trends is key to taking part effectively.

*Throwback Thursday (#tbt)
: A weekly trend on social media wherein users post old photos or posts on Thursdays using the hashtag #tbt.

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