5 Reasons Y You Need Professional Logo Design

Acquiring a logo may seem like a fairly simple task. However, once you get out there you’ll find that what comes too easy is not up to par.

We put a lot of work into the graphic design process that results in a logo for your business. A logo sets the whole tone for the branding and brand consistency of your company.

Here are 5 Reasons Why you should hire a professional graphic designer:


  1. Original Design

What you don’t want is to resemble every other business in your industry. No copycats up in here!

A strong identity is the first step to fostering brand recognition among your target audience.

Your logo should represent your business personality to a T; with Y5 you get to work with people who make the effort to really get to know you and your marketing goals. Subsequently, we make sure that a logo we design for you aligns with those goals.


2. Functional Design

Your logo will appear on all sorts of platforms, printed materials/collateral, and products. It is crucial that the design you choose is visually appealing while remaining versatile enough that it is scalable while still maintaining detail; as well it should be aesthetically pleasing in colour palette but also recognizable both in print and digital media.


3. Relevant Design

Regardless of whether a logo is appealing, it will not be successful if it does not appeal to your target audience. As a business, your services act as a solution to your customers – whether you are a restaurant taking away the burden of cooking for the whole family, or a hair salon making people feel confident.

You logo should match your target demographic and the kind of personality those people would be drawn to.

As I mentioned above, the logo we design for you is not created lightly. We know who you are trying to speak to, and we design a bridge to meet halfway.


4. Recognizable Design

Creativity should be at the forefront of your logo design. No matter how simple (and remember, simplicity is actually hard to achieve), a logo requires a lot of creativity, trial and error.

We create something that is unique and eye-catching. Our strong designs are ones that consumers will remember and that will convert leads with meaningful design.


5. Enduring Design

Along with relevancy, comes timelessness. A logo should serve you well for years to come.

Y5 understands how to design a logo that will last and appeal to your audience for a long time.



We love seeing brands thrive because of strong design that represents the business well. We will design with care, using our experience and knowledge to create something for you that you, as well as your customers, will love showing off.

Need an update to your logo? We can do that too! We respect the bones and hard work that has gone into building your brand and recognize that sometimes all a logo needs is an injection of a little life.

Give Y5 a call today 778-379-2177, to get started with Teamplay!

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