5 Reasons Y You Need a New Website

You may think that because things are steady at work that nothing needs to change. However, if you remain static, you will fall behind.

When it comes to your website, it can either be your greatest tool, or an opportunity lost.

Don’t let it be the latter.


5 Reasons Why You Need a New Website:


  1. Your Website is Difficult to Update

If your website is old, chances are routine updates like adding new products and services to your site, are difficult and involve work arounds (which you may not know how to do).

If you can’t easily alter content and roll-out new features (landing pages, pop-ups, contests), then your website will not be capable of delivering positive results and converting leads to clients.


  1. Your Website is Not User Friendly

User friendly web design should be at the top of your list when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

When websites are slow and have confusing layouts, users leave. If a lead can’t find the information on your site either because it’s taking too long or the design is busy and not thought out well, you will lose business.

So ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is my website fast enough?
  • Is my website clean looking?
  • Is my website accessible by other devices (mobile, ipad)?


  1. Your Website Looks Dated

When your website looks dated, your brand feels dated. More than that, chances are the web design is also dated meaning the things I listed above like speed, easy updates, and user friendly layouts are also not up to par.


  1. Your Website Lacks Analytics

One thing we make sure to keep track of at Y5 as well as for our clients is the analytics – the data of how our content and sites are performing.

Analytics open our eyes to what areas of our site increase user engagement, what pages or content is an asset to our brand, as well as valuable insights into our target demographic and if we have been successful in engaging those audiences.

We have all of this amazing information at our fingertips – it would be crazy not to keep track of it and use it to our (and your) advantage to continue producing a better product that reaps even stronger results!


  1. Your Website Doesn’t Measure Up

While we believe in being unique and original, it is always good to do your research on the competition.

Can you hit a demographic they are missing? Are your websites too similar? Can you do anything better than them?

It’s a bit competitive, but in order to be the best, we need to know first where the standard is.


If your website is paling in comparison to your competitors, if your website isn’t performing or bringing in results, give Y5 a call today: 778-379-2177. We look forward to helping you reach your inbound marketing goals!

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