5 Reasons Y You Need a Better Website

Your website is basically your business card on the internet, and the amount of effort and skill that go into it are related to how functional and successful it will be.

If you haven’t updated your business’ website in a while, if it’s slow to load, if it isn’t responsive, well then – it’s definitely time to start using your website to its full potential; and that starts with Y5.


Here are 5 Reasons Y You Need a Better Website:


  1. Make a Good First Impression

In today’s world, people google business’ before they stop by to purchase service. People check yelp and other review sites before they make the decision that you are the company for them.

Consumers are people and people make immediate judgments. If your current website looks drab or outdated, targets will dismiss you quickly without giving you an opportunity to earn their business.

It’s a shame too – your website doesn’t reflect the value of the services you offer!


  1. Consumers are Looking for You – Let Them Find You

Consumers are constantly researching where they will be finding their next purchase; so even if you are a small boutique, you can’t rely solely on window shoppers for business.

One great thing about the internet is, if done right your website can represent you well even against the big guys.


  1. Be with Targets Everywhere

Another sign of a not-so-well-designed site is that it’s not responsive. Web design is constantly evolving, and keeping up with trends, updates, as well as the devices users have to access your site with are all factors you need to take into account when considering if you need a new website.

More and more people are use mobile devices and tablets to access the internet. If people are having trouble viewing your content, services, and offers on your site because it is not optimized for mobile, then they’re likely to leave and find a site that is.


  1. Don’t Lose Business

As you can probably see by now, you need a website. Without one, you are missing out on a valuable tool others will definitely be using to their advantage.


  1. Actually… Don’t Lose Yourself Business

As we mentioned above, there’s a time to update and there’s a time to begin. There’s also one more category.

The truth is you’re not doing yourself any favours by presenting a bad website. Where a good website earns your business and legitimacy, a bad website misrepresents your brand, your services, and trustworthiness.

A badly designed website tarnishes your brand. From there it’s difficult to return. Some might even say it’s better to have no website, than a bad website.


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