A logo is the face of the company. If designed well, it should represent your branding and your company personality to a T.

There are many indicators that now is the time to give that logo design a shock of energy and, perhaps, a push into this century.

If your logo does not represent your business correctly it’s not just misleading, but also detrimental for business and marketing strategy as your branding will not be cohesive, nor will your logo attract your current target audience.


Here are 5 Reasons your Logo may need an update:


  1. Your Logo Design is Too Complex

Logos that are extremely detailed may look great printed on a large piece of paper, however when it’s scaled down it may not translate as well.

Not to mention that different fonts, and design techniques are more or less suited to print or web. Just something to think about.

Over-complex logo designs affect more than just older companies; if you are a small, new business and either rushed the design process, or didn’t work with a professional graphic designer, you may have issues as well!


  1. Your Business Merged

When two companies merge or separate, changes of message need to be accounted for. Whether this is a from-scratch re-branding or just a couple tweaks, this new business needs to make its cohesion and brand messaging clear as one company (or two if different sectors separated).


  1. Your Logo Design is Outdated

Certain colour palettes or design features can appear outdated or old-school. A more “retro” look may not always be a bad thing, however.

The important thing to keep in mind is that every detail of a logo is designed with purpose. If those features don’t match the aims of your company, then your logo needs to pivot to reflect those aims.


  1. Your Business Changed Its Product Offerings

When you change the product line, you’re likely changing it to reflect the needs of your current customer base or the audience you want.

If the audience has evolved in any way, then so has your business, and it’s crucial that you make sure your branding represents that change and customer base for strong product engagement.


  1. Your Logo Is Not Timeless

The truth is even the best designed logos need to be updated every once in a while (for many of the reasons listed above).

Unless you’re lucky enough to have struck gold early on and own Coca-Cola or Nike, then updates need to reflect the time and the consumer society we live in.

Even brands like Instagram and Ford have changed or tweaked over time to reflect the times.


Do you need help re-designing your business logo? Y5 always respects what you have and the hard work that went into it. We want to see your business thrive, and your own business goals met. Call Y5 today at 778-379-2177 to work with us!



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