5 Reasons Y Design Takes Time

5 Reasons Y Design Takes Time

5 Reasons Y Design Takes Time

5 Reasons Y Design Takes Time

The truth is websites matter very much. Even more so if you are trying to build momentum around your brand or are a relatively new business.

While older, more established brands have reputation on their side, prospects will look to the quality of your website. Your product may be better than an established brand, but consumers won’t give you a chance if their first impression is lackluster and sub-par.

We can design, oh boy can we design! However, we need your cooperation and time in order to present you with the best product we can. You’ll be happy you did.


Here are 5 Reasons Why Design Takes Time:

1 You’re working with the right people.

We take building a website seriously. Just because you chose us (thank you, by the way) doesn’t mean we’re on our way just yet. Meeting you and speaking with you is a start; from there we mean to fully understand your vision for your company and brand.

We hold what we call a “Discovery”, where we all sit down together and go through a list of questions, we use to get to know you and your brand. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

2 We make sure the foundation is right.

When we choose a theme (along with your input and dream for your website), we’re making sure that it is the correct choice for your brand and the way you conduct business. Not to mention what your clientele needs from you, not just what you need.

3 There are many different elements.

A website doesn’t simply appear. After we set up the backbone of the website, well there are a few things that need to be incorporated.

There is a colour palette, font choice, content, graphics, and even more design. All of these different elements require time, second sets of eyes, and separate people to do them.

You’re going to need a graphic designer, a web designer, and a copywriter – at the least.

Sure, we work efficiently and quickly, but we’re not going to give you a product that took no effort – we’re going to put everything into it.

4 We create unique, branded work.

Creating something unique and special is no cakewalk. Every decision we make, every graphic, every sentence needs to reflect your brand.

We take the time to collaborate with you and spend the time crating something beautiful for you.

5 When it’s ready, it’s ready.

Before we present you with your finished product, we have gone through all the options. We have tweaked and brainstormed through every single aspect of this project and we are proud of what we’re showing you.

So, you know, when we present you with your finished website, it’s ready.

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