5 Reasons Y These Digital Marketing Tactics Won’t Work

Without the help of professionals, it can be tough to figure out the difference between what is a best practice, and what is easy.

Professionals have the experience on their side to know how to use basic practices as well as more advanced digital marketing strategies.

If you haven’t consulted the pros, there are some mistakes that you might have made, or are currently making, while making a go of it alone:


  1. Keeping An Inaccessible Website

People have busy lives these days, and in order to keep moving they take their information with them wherever they go.

Online users are consuming information not only on their desktops, but their tablets and cellphones. It has become crucial that you design for mobile; you could miss your chance at a new customer because your website isn’t mobile-friendly from the bus.


  1. Thinking Your Website Doesn’t Require Updating

A website should serve your visitors’ needs – meaning it should contain all of the information your targets are looking for and provide it quickly, and easily.

Website updates play a critical role in ensuring your website loads quickly, remains relevant with new content, and meets the modern demands of online users.


  1. Your Content is Lackluster

Search Engines reward quality content that earns organic traffic.

Y5 believes in providing our clients and leads with value to highlight our skills and capabilities, as well as to create brand awareness and engagement that is both legitimate and organic.


  1. Posting One-Sided Social Media

A big mistake that we’ve seen numerous times with clients is the one-sided social media account.

We’ve written before about the importance of engaging as a brand, one-to-one, on social media as well as the how the idea of social listening can be helpful to businesses.

Moreover, users are going to social platforms for customer service. If you are only posting, and not engaging, your followers will soon feel you’re just a faceless account and leave the conversation.


  1. One-Time Online Ads

You may have heard, but most buyers go through 7-9 contact points with a brand before they decide to purchase.

One ad may get your brand across their screen, but you need continue to build that relationship if you are going to get anywhere.



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