5 Reasons Y These Digital Marketing Myths are Just That

Everyone out there has an opinion when it comes to marketing and what works.

Now it may just be our biased opinions, but we happen to think (backed up by lots of experience and results, of course) that digital marketing can work for just about everyone.

Now, over the years we’ve heard a lot of convoluted ideas about digital marketing from clients and others who just seem to have taken some marketing myths to heart.

Here are 5 digital marketing myths:


  1. Myth: “You must be on every social media platform.”

Truth: Digital marketing is about reaching the right people for your brand and services. In the case of marketing, it’s quality over quantity.

You need to pick the right social media platforms and invest time developing a strategy and strong content to engage your target audience.


  1. Myth: “People hate email marketing.”

Truth: Like all strategies of digital marketing, email campaigns can be effective or not. It all depends on your plan and the value of your content.

In actuality, email marketing can have a strong ROI when the content is strong and the purpose is useful for your targets.


  1. Myth: “Digital marketing is only effective for businesses with deep pockets.”

Truth: Strategies like inbound marketing and social media marketing are very accessible today for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

It’s about providing value and connecting with your audience to increase brand awareness and engagement.

As with anything, more budget can certainly help; however, even smaller budgets can reap great results with strong planning and execution.


  1. Myth: “More Traffic means more business.”

Truth: Yes, and no.

More isn’t always better. What you want is targeted traffic. Spreading yourself thin over multiple platforms, and spending lots of moolah on ads may get you noticed, but all of that recognition isn’t valuable unless it converts into meaningful engagement.

In the end, you’ll find more targeted traffic may be slightly less traffic at times, but you will be engaging the right audience.


  1. Myth: “Social media works quickly.”

Truth: While you can begin to engage pretty quickly on social media, building meaningful relationships as well as brand legitimacy takes time.

Just keep in mind with social media that it’s about getting to know your audience and practicing social listening that will gain you the trust and appreciation of your followers over time – and that will create brand ambassadors and meaningful long-term relationships.



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