5 Reasons Y: The Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram

We’re big fans of image rich social media platform, Instagram.

For businesses, Instagram provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase branding and products – all while engaging your community and target audience.

A fine balance of beautiful imagery, strong content, and hashtag strategy, Instagram can be a useful tool or a time-suck.

Are you finding this aesthetic platform to be a strong asset in your pocket? Or do you feel like you just can’t figure out why you’re not getting a response?

Here are 5 Reasons Why you may not be getting positive engagement on Instagram:


  1. You’re Being Selfish

Instagram can be a useful platform to highlight services and products for businesses but you can’t only focus on you if you want to earn followers. Instagram users aren’t following you to see the same picture of a yoga mat every week. You’re selling them on your branding and your brand values.

Being over promotional can backfire by alienating your audience when they realize you are not aligning your brand with their interests – they want to be inspired by your brand, not bored.


  1. You’re Forgetting Your Community

In the attempt to reach the most likes and engagement possible, a lot of business don’t accurately target the consumers that will actually convert to meaningful engagements.

Access your community by following relevant users and taking the time to respond to comments.


  1. You Misuse Hashtags

Too many hashtags, not enough hashtags – it’s a difficult world to maneuver.

Hashtags can be a powerful tool. However, overusing or under-using, as well as including irrelevant hashtags, can hinder your Insta game. Spamming your posts with too many loses you legitimacy, while not using any means you are missing the opportunity to reach users that are looking for you.


  1. You’re Not Editing

Editing both your content and images can make a big difference in engaging your followers. Unedited images can look like you don’t care – and with all the image editing tools that are on the app, there’s no excuse for low-quality images.

Similarly, when it comes to your content, remember to edit for maximum impact. Text usually gets cut off on Instagram, so make sure you put the most important part of your message at the beginning.

In general, you want to show off consistent brand personality in both image and content. Be yourself, and your community is sure to love you!


  1. Don’t Buy Followers

We assume this one is kind of a given, but just to be sure, be aware that buying followers will result in spammy followers that don’t engage with you and are mostly accounts you don’t want to be associated with.

A carefully planned strategy, beautiful images, strong content (and a couple emojis!), as well as targeted hashtags should garner you an audience that will grow organically and steadily.



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