5 Reasons Y Social Media is Important For SEO

Picture yourself on a field (SEO), alone, facing a plethora of people on the opposite side of the field (Content that isn’t yours). What you know is that if you stand alone, you will be slowly pushed off the field as the opposing team advances. Alone, you have no means to push back or be heard over all the other voices cheering the advances of the mass of opposing players. So how do you push back all of that other content and conquer SEO? By recruiting a team. This is where Social Media comes in.


Here at Y5 Creative we have tapped into a little marketing solution we call Teamplay. With our marketing experience, we can be your team and help you build your own army of players to back you up. We do this by creating meaningful content and utilizing Social Media that boosts your influence to recruit more players to your team.


… So Y is Social Media important for SEO? Here are 5 Reasons:


1. Social Media Broadens your Reach


Social Media is about sharing and creating a dialogue. By sharing your content Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you are creating the possibility of interacting with anyone, anywhere. The broader your reach, the more opportunity for people to hear you. In this way, Distribution is the paramount partner of Content.


2. Active Social Media Profiles Spur Higher Website Traffic


Simply put, friendship takes work. Calling a friend once a year does not make for a very strong relationship. The more you are active in your friends’ lives, the more they will speak about you often and warmly, introduce you to their other friends, their friends will introduce you to their friends and so on and so forth.


3. Social Shares Creates Link Building


One of the factors that affects the speed and probability of your content being indexed by Google is the amount of linkbacks, which grows with distribution. Old SEO techniques like presenting an exorbitant amount of useless keywords used to rule the day. The result is Google taking notice of organic traffic and response to content. It’s the difference between putting a random trophy on your shelf and telling everyone you’re an all-star player, and actually scoring a goal in plain view for all to see.


4. Social Media Augments Google Authority


If you share your content to a platform such as Twitter, the greater amount of “likes” and retweets your content gets, the faster Google will index it which creates more organic traffic to your site, and again propels more linkbacks. Shares boost your credibility and give you a further reach and resonance.


5. SEO is User-Friendly


While old practices focused on keyword stuffing, and the like, Google’s algorithms decide that the content itself is important. Google wants relevant information that the searcher set out to look for. It is not just the quantity of keywords you use but the use of those keywords to provide meaningful content. #Stilettos have no place on a field, but #Teamplay does.

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