A lot of people come in to our office, here at Y5, looking for help with Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Most of them realize that they need Social Media in order to reach modern consumers, but they really don’t know WHY or HOW Social Media helps business.

Well friends, here are 5 Reasons Y right here!


  1. Learn about Your Target Audience

Only by interacting, engaging, and daily activity can you learn valuable consumer insights that would take you a whole lot of time and surveys that people probably wouldn’t finish in any case.

How does this work? Just consider for a second that there are millions of Tweets, Facebook Posts, or LinkedIn Shared Stories every day. Within all of that content are so many opinions and opportunities to connect.

From all that insight gained on Social Media you can make smarter business decisions based on information regarding how consumers feel about your product and brand.


  1. Customer Service is Different Now

The truth is that everyone is on Social Media now. Studies have found that 67% of consumers have gone to a business’ Social Media site for servicing. That’s a pretty high percentage.

This means that either you, or someone under your hire, need to be available to respond to questions and comments. Would you risk letting an important question or even positive testimonial get lost in the shuffle because you don’t have the time?


  1. Increase Your Website Traffic

The way the internet works these days, your search rankings and website traffic are greatly affected by your engagement on Social Media.

Through frequent activity, social listening, and content curation, you begin to build relationships over different platforms. When you link your content or posts to your website, if is likely consumers will click and interact with your website.

Moreover, if your content is useful and thoughtful, it might be shared, liked, or commented on – which increases your search rankings.


  1. Discover Your Competition

It’s not sneaky, trust us. Your competition is on Social Media! If you’re not, not only are you falling behind, and missing the opportunity to win many new clients, but you also don’t know what’s going on that’s innovative in your industry.

When businesses introduce new products or services, they go to Social Media to get that information to consumers faster. You want to be where the action’s at, don’t you?


  1. Gain Consumer Trust

It’s a known fact that familiarity increases likability. Basically, the more your target audience gets to know you, the more they like and trust you and your brand.

These relationships really matter. Activity on Social Media shows you care about what your consumers’ needs and interests are. This dialogue is imperative for the growth of your new relationships; when they or their friends need something, they’re more likely to invite you to the party – since they already know you.


If you need help increasing traffic and engaging on Social Media, give Y5 a call at 778-379-2177 to talk about how we can help you with TeamPlay!


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