5 Reasons Y Social Media Helps Sales

Social media is how we do business now. We connect, we engage, we forge new relationships that are mutually beneficial.


For those “old-school” folks who still don’t see the point, thinks that it lacks the human touch of selling and therefore can never be as effective, here are 5 Reasons we hope will change your mind:


  • Build a Team of Sellers

Your staff can be your biggest asset outside of the office. People tend feel “sold to” a lot of the time when businesses market. Using your passionate staff increases sales. If your staff enjoys what they do and believe in your company, you have cheerleaders there and ready to go.

While some of your staff may not be familiar with social media, giving them a basic education in social may be the best decision you ever make. While you can’t have every staff member driving door to door after work and selling your brand, sharing a post on social media once in a while takes no time at all.


  • Campaigns Give Us Insight Into Our Prospects

Not only do social campaigns generate leads, but through trial and error we can gleam new details about our community. We can learn what our top prospects are likely to engage with as well as where they go to get their information. So with each campaign, you grow stronger and more effective as a company and brand.


  • Send Out Your Most Efficient Content

Dropbox, Google Drive, and company accessible drives are easy ways to make new business updates, re-branding material, and new content available to your sales team.

Easy access to new information at the right moment can make the difference between prospects being driven to you, or to your competition.


  • Create a Faster, More Effective Routine

Some say Social Media lacks the “personal touch”. We would beg to differ. Marketing these days is all about building relationships.

You log on, respond to current followers, engage new leads, and share useful content. It may be from your chair, but it doesn’t make the routine any less personal or effective. You have the ability to reach more people, in a shorter period of time. Marketing through social media expands past your neighborhood.


  • Hit Your Target, or Target Practice

Targeting online allows us to engage the right audiences.  Once you have a few campaigns under your belt, the data you gleam will help you understand your target audience so you can hit a bulls eye every time.



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