5 Reasons Y Social Media Can Help Your Business

Getting started on Social Media for small businesses can be daunting.

However, a strong plan and execution of a digital marketing strategy can work wonders.

We’ve got 5 social media tips for small businesses:


  1. Assess Your Strengths

Whatever your industry, every business has its own strengths.

Some businesses create products that are visually appealing; others reside in an industry that is fun to discuss and that online users want to learn about.

Consider what strengths your business has, which will ultimately lead you to the right social platforms where you can best maximize your brand engagement.


  1. Get to Know Your Target Audience

Creating strong audience profiles and crafting branded content that speaks specifically to that target audience will make the difference in your brand awareness.

If you need help defining your target audience, Y5 can show you how to set up target profiles with specific questions geared towards helping you understand your unique qualities and how to relate them through content marketing.


  1. Choose Carefully

When it comes to picking the right social media platforms you want to pick and choose carefully.

It can be tempting to spread your brand far and wide; however, spreading yourself too thin can be a detriment to the production of quality content. It’s best to be picky and choose your social platforms according to where your strength lies, where your target audience frequents, and where you feel comfortable spending time.


  1. Develop Content

When we say “spending time”, we mean it. We believe in inbound marketing which relies on strong, well developed content.

What we want for you is to exude legitimacy in your industry and to your audience. To do this, you don’t just create content on the fly – you go in with plan, execute it, and make sure it’s solid. Allot yourself (or your outsourced marketing team) the time to create a strategy and carry it out.


  1. Track Performance

Tracking your social media through analytics is imperative to continuing to build successful and meaningful engagement.

Relying solely on your notifications will not give you the whole picture of whether you are hitting the right target audience, what kinds of content they are responding best to, as well as whether your brand engagement is building steadily and organically.


Working with an experienced team like Y5 puts a lot of tools in your corner that are difficult to accomplish alone and without the knowledge. Contact Y5 to work with a team that will help you find the right balance while building your brand awareness through a digital marketing strategy created just for you.

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