5 Reasons Y Social Media Can Be Simple

Y5 has encountered many clients that wish to expand their digital marketing strategy into social media. However, many of them have litter experience on social platforms.

These clients often come in knowing they want to work with on their branding and digital marketing, but are unsure of how to proceed with posting on their own – “What do I post? How often do I post? Where do I post?”.

To make things a little simpler, here are 5 kinds of content you can share on social media:


  1. Cross-Platform Posts

“After I share it on Facebook, can I share it on Twitter, too?”

This is a common question we hear. Yes. You can definitely use cross-promotion posting – it’s merely a matter of altering that content so that brand messaging and keywords remain intact while addressing the different tones and best practices of various social media platforms.

This is pretty easy to learn, whether from us or online.

Either way, spreading a current promotion, blog, or review across various platforms can be a great way to raise brand awareness and engage your difference audiences.


  1. Trending Content Posts

Perhaps a specific, and relevant, hashtag is trending – now is the time to put something together that adds to the conversation.

Careful not to jump on every bandwagon; that said, when the hashtag, holiday, or theme is right, you’ll know. Also make sure to double check all those posts. Content created on the fly has a higher chance of spelling errors or other mistakes!


  1. User-Generated Posts

Social media is just that, social. Spreading the love by sharing informative and relevant posts from your customers and target leads that fill the gaps of your own posts lends brand authenticity and shows that you are making use of social listening.

Plus, it takes a little weight off your shoulders. Phew!


  1. Behind-The-Scenes Video Posts

Many social platforms now provide the ability to live-stream and post – Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live. There are a lot of options to share what you’re up to and give a glimpse into what goes on behind the product.


  1. Visual Posts

Posts with visually stunning images get a lot more views than posts with either lackluster photos or none at all.

Same goes for video content. Users love video content and engage with it on a much higher scale these days.



So, you see, you have so many options on content to post to your chosen social media platforms! Give Y5 a call at 778-379-2177 to learn how we can help you with branding, graphics, and brand messaging!

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