5 Reasons Y: Signs It’s Time to Re-Brand

Even if your brand has served you super well in the past – there comes a point when you need to continue to evolve.

While it can be hard to distinguish when that time is, we’ve put together a few signs to watch out for.

Signs it’s time to re-brand:


  1. You don’t want to direct leads to your website.

If the idea of someone seeing your website, logo, business card, or any other branded material makes you dizzy, then that is a sure sign that your brand is no longer what you want.

You should be so proud to shake someone’s hand and give them your card and ask them to check out your website. You should want to show it off in all its glorious web design beauty.

You are your brand’s greatest brand ambassador, after all.


  1. Your brand isn’t memorable.

We all have competitors. If your brand isn’t vibrant and unique, you won’t stand out, and you won’t be distinguishable from the competition.

The question is: How do you show what is special about your brand that your competition doesn’t have? That is what will bring your target audience to choose you.


  1. Your brand hasn’t grown with your business.

If you started out selling only cupcakes, but eventually expanded to other baked good, it wouldn’t make sense to keep a tagline that focused on cupcakes. You’d be missing out on all the business that went elsewhere thinking you only made cupcakes.

It’s important for a brand to grow with a business and to embody the personality and offerings of a company at its present manifestation.


  1. Your brand has become dense.

On the flip side of that point, comes evolving too much to match a growing business.

As is natural, companies change over time to serve the needs of their community and clients. However, as a business changes, instead of re-branding, some brands will just tack on new characteristics to their existing persona.

This can be just as detrimental as not matching the growth of a business. As a brand becomes too complicated, it becomes confusing – even for your long-term customers.


  1. You are no longer the same business. Literally.

Just because a business has retained the same name does not mean it is the same business – even if it offers the same services.

With acquisitions come different personalities and ways of managing a business. While there is still value in a pre-existing brand to trade off of, sometimes old branding just can’t match what is new and in change.


There is always a way to find the important elements of your brand and honour them. Re-branding is not tossing away everything you’ve built – it’s just an opportunity to evolve into a better version of yourself. Talk to us, at Y5, to learn how we can help you and your brand.

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