5 Reasons Y Setting a Social Media Budget is in Your Best Interests

Social Media can be an incredible tool to bring awareness and legitimacy to your brand as a lot of it is free. That said a budget is still necessary.

Depending on your Social Media needs, costs will arise.


Here are 5 Factors to think about when setting a Social Media budget:


  1. Basic Plan

First off you need to decide which platforms match up best with your business and your target audience. Deciding where to meet them is key.

From where to post comes when to post. How often does your business need to be socializing with its audience in order to make an impact? Once a day? Twice? More?

Someone or multiple someones need to be assigned to these tasks on Social. Someone must be accountable for these decisions and monitoring them.

Options include: Assigning a current employee to task; bringing on a Creative team; or looking outside the company for an outsourced marketing team. Social requires organization, content creation, and time. That costs money.


  1. Tools

While Social Media has the capacity to take up a whole lot of time, one tool you have at your disposal is a management platform. With a management platform you can pre-schedule content, pictures, videos for optimized posting.

Social Media can be more effective depending on the time you post, so scheduling content works to your advantage ensuring you’re not scrambling to post at midday when you have a thousand other assignments waiting.


  1. Branding

When it comes to Branding consistency is imperative. Whoever is in charge of graphics, color scheme on your webpage, or animation needs to know what they are doing to be effective.

Graphics require graphic designers, a website a web designer, an animated video an animator. Professionals know how to create beautiful work that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand.


  1. Content

Whether a Tweet, Blog, or the information on your Website, you need to realize Content creation takes time and effort. It requires planning, editing, a second pair of eyes (at the least), and experience.

Anyone can read Content Tips (Write in an active voice!), but without practice and research your Content will flop.

An experienced Copy Writer knows whom they are writing to, what they want to say, and how to say it. Consistently.

If you don’t have anyone like that on staff, it’s a bad idea to believe naively that you can jot down 10 blogs on your lunch break.


  1. Campaigns

Campaigns take your Social Game to the next level. During exciting periods – such as the launch of website or as a way to generate more business in high season – you should be considering integrating Campaigns into your Marketing strategy.

By using targeting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you can isolate your ideal audience and make sure you reach them. This is also a cost worth fitting into your Social Budget.



At Y5, we have plenty of options for different Marketing budgets depending on your needs as a business and brand!


Call us at Y5 today to talk about TeamPlay and what we can do for you!

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