It may be that you have only been in business for 3 years; it may be that you have been in business for 30 years. There comes a time when any company must ask if their branding aligns with who they are – or who they want to be.

Y5 has experience with branding of all kinds – from creating a brand from scratch, to giving a brand new energy, all the way to pivoting a brand on a 180-degree scale.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or need a change of pace after remaining static for a while, Y5 is here to help.


Here are 5 Reasons Why you may need to consider a rebranding:


  1. Your Brand Needs a Face Lift

A change of pace, a fresher look, a surge of energy. These are often the reasons businesses come to us for rebranding.

Markets, audiences, and the world changes. Sometimes a makeover is all you need to keep up with the times – updating colours, typefaces, or your logo can all have very positive results on the overall branding and engagement rates of your business.


  1. Your Brand Needs a Makeover

If you’ve changed your services or products over time due to an emerging need in your target audience that you didn’t expect, and you haven’t changed your branding to reflect who you are now serving, then you may need to try a different image.

Y5 has worked with a variety of different voices and brands; helping you develop a full picture of your brand personality is what we do.


  1. Your Brand Has Changed Hands

Another big reason for rebranding we’ve seen is when a company has changed hands. Often with a new leader comes a new vision, and new way of doing things.

With too many voices trying to be heard (the old voice and the new), brand messaging becomes confusing. Rebranding in this case can set the slate clean and get everyone on the same page to move forward with a new marketing strategy.


  1. Your Brand Has Merged with Another Brand

Mergers and acquisitions of businesses mean that there will often be an overlap of brand messaging, marketing strategy, and target audiences. Our experience can help you figure out what is still key to your business strategy and what is not relevant anymore. We can also help multiple brands under the same umbrella differentiate from each other.


  1. Your Brand has New Customers

It’s not always about you, you know. As your business evolves, often so does your customer base.

In order to appeal to the consumers you want, we can help you understand who your new market is and how meet their needs with your website, social media strategy, and content so that new customers become loyal clients.


If you are considering a rebranding for any of the reasons above, Y5 is here to help with a range of different services and strong branding that will lead to results. Call us today at 778-379-2177.


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