5 Reasons Y: Questions Small Businesses Need to Ask about Social Media

As either a business owner or someone just invested in the company they work at, you know your business needs a social media presence to engage the public and create brand awareness.

Social media is an expansive thing. There are many channels and each of those channels has its own best practices and demographics.

Social media managers know how to use each of these platforms and learn quickly, adapting content to match brand messaging and effectively reach their audience on any given platform.


Before you, or your social media manager on your request, goes out and spends countless hours organizing and strategizing on social media, consider these 5 Questions:


  1. Why are you on Social Media?

Just because you know it’s necessary doesn’t mean you need to jump in blindly. Instead, take the time to ask yourself why you want to be there.

What are your goals?
Who do you want to reach?

If you rush to start connecting without predetermined goal, you definitely won’t reach them.


  1. What Networks are my Prospects and Industry using?

Think about your target audience – who they are, what they need, their social savviness. Different demographics of people use different social platforms. Something to keep in mind.

If you are more of a B2B business, then you should also consider that business use different channels than their employees. So you have some different kinds of messaging going on there too.


  1. What kind of Content do you need?

Different platforms have different voices or levels of professionalism expected of the speaker. Instagram is more image-rich whereas LinkedIn is more formal and quality content will get you the furthest.

Most importantly, you need to spend the time researching new trends and creative tactics to engage users – videos, GIFs, high quality images, helpful content, and industry news.


  1. What can I learn from my Competitors?

Good recon is one of the best places to start. Are your competitor’s efforts successful? Why, or why not? What can you learn from their strategy?


  1. How will you manage your social media channels?

We’ve worked with a few businesses that don’t use any form of organizational software. That is a mistake.

The main thing is to remember that we are human, and humans forget things and make errors. This is why we keep calendars, and use helpful tech like Google Alerts. We can’t do everything.

Good strategy take organization, and flying by the seat of your pants and posting when you have time or when you remember is not a good strategy and will not reap the results you want.


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