5 Reasons Y Professional Logo Design Is Worth It

5 Reasons Y Professional Logo Design Is Worth It

5 Reasons Y Professional Logo Design Is Worth It

5 Reasons Y Professional Logo Design Is Worth It

Quite a few times, we’ve met with new business owners who have probably looked around online to learn about rates and common practices within the digital marketing and graphic design industries.

Well, Y5 isn’t like all the others. You’ll know that the moment you step in our door and are greeted by our chief barketing officer, Ralfie, and a treat from our FREE “Friending Machine”.

We may have a lot of fun at Y5, but we also take our work, and design, very seriously. We hold ourselves up to a high standard, and we believe that our culture, and the value of what we provide, is worth it for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and sales.


Here are 5 Reasons Why Professional Logo Design is Worth it:

1 A Logo is more than just a pretty face.

Good graphic design isn’t just about aesthetics – it is, but it’s about more than that. Graphics are about the details that communicate very specific ideas, and it takes pro to know how to say a lot in one picture.

Every detail in design, whether the consumer notices or not, is evaluated and associated with different ideas and feelings. A good designer knows how to control what a graphic or logo says.

2 A Logo solves challenges.

Who is your target audience? What challenges does your business face reaching that demographic?

Design is about solving those challenges and setting you up with graphics that do much of the work for you.

3 Logo Design is value.

Bad design deters from brand legitimacy. If you want to represent quality – as you your products or services are of quality – then you need to choose design that will last, and that will resonate with your target audience in a way that is memorable and unique.

The upside to working with an experienced team of creatives like Y5, is that we give you options; sometimes those are just different tweaks on a design, sometimes they are a completely different design altogether. Regardless, you will end up with a logo you love.

4 Logo designers listen.

At Y5, when we take on a new client, we hold what we call a “Discovery”, which is basically a long talk where we ask you some questions about your business, your goals, your competition, and your personality.

We get to know the important facets of your business, write everything down and key observations jump out from our detailed notes and become the inspiration for your design and branding.

5 A Logo is a collaboration.

We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients which we think also allows for comfortable collaboration. Regardless of your work style, the more you give us in terms of inspiration – whether that be in metaphors, or examples of design you like – the better the collaboration and the easier it is to create something you love and that represents your brand.

Call Y5 at 778-379-2177 or contact us to chat about new branding for your business and why working with us can help you reach your goals.

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