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5 Reasons Y Positivity Boosts Business

Recently in a team meeting here at Y5 (because it is so important to communicate and touch base with everyone on the team for good collaboration!), we decided to have a little heart-to-heart and talk about our strengths as a team. One thing we discovered about ourselves, our team, and our environment is that we are Positive! One of us in particular is always positive, and we are extremely lucky to have her – and learn from her!

By emulating the positive attributes around us we’ve learned a few things, and we’re happy to share!


Here are 5 Reasons Y Positivity can boost your business:


1. Brush Off That Stress

Life is always going on. Letting stress get to you only makes you that much more stressed. We’re not preaching denial here, folks. We’re preaching positivity, remember?

Instead of letting all that stress weigh you down and cause insomnia, fatigue, cloudy thinking, and a permanent scowl, allow for a different outlook.  We believe that by remaining flexible in thinking not only lets us figure ways around obstacles,but it keeps us creative as well.


2. Encourage Teamwork

Your demeanor at work affects those around you. Granted, we all have “those days” where we probably shouldn’t have left our beds for the world’s safety as well as our own; but I digress.

You don’t have to agree with everything everyone pitches but giving proper consideration, respect, and positive reinforcement can make it so your co-workers never feel shy about approaching you to collaborate or run things by you.

Collaboration at Y5 is what keeps us excited which is good for team moral, and better for the production of thoughtful and well-edited work.


3. Be More Productive

When you’re not thinking about all the other stuff on your To-do list your work improves.

Think about it, when you’re enjoying what you’re doing the day flies by; you don’t mind pushing yourself harder and working for the best outcome. It’s a natural incentive – doing the best you can do only makes you want to do better. Tomorrow is just another day for us to get to accomplish more!


4. Nourish Leadership Among Employees

Positivity is engaging; cultivating it around the workplace also cultivates a team that offers opinions, pitches, and support easily. At Y5 we have a team that is inquisitive, who takes initiative, and always wants to improve and share.


5. Increase Performance

On a good day we get full marks. On a not-so-good day, we can do our best to adjust our lenses and jump the hurdle – hopefully landing further than we expected.

Positivity means putting everything you have into everything you do, because you know at the end of the day you will have learned something. That’s what we do, every day. Even more so, we believe it’s what makes our environment so welcoming and creative.

If you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to work with Y5, you can rest assured that we always look forward and continue to work on engaging our community with creativity and… you guessed it, positivity!


Call us today at 778-379-2177 to talk TeamPlay and discover what we can do for you!

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